Strategy Of High Speed Machining Of Graphite Electrode And Optimization Principle Of Processing Parameters

- Aug 07, 2018-

Graphite has high high-temperature strength, low heat expansion coefficient, good machinability and good thermal and electrical conductivity, so graphite electrodes are widely used in metallurgy, electric furnace, EDM and other fields.

In the field of EDM, the development of new graphite electrode material and its processing technology expands the application range of EDM and improves its use performance.

Compared with the copper electrode, graphite electrode has the advantages of small electrode consumption, fast processing speed, good machining performance, high machining precision, small thermal deformation, light weight, easy surface treatment, high temperature resistance, high processing temperature, and bonding of electrodes. Although graphite is a very easy to cut material, however, as the graphite material used as EDM electrode must have enough strength to avoid being destroyed during operation and EDM machining, the electrode shape (thin wall, small fillet and sharp change) also has higher requirements for the grain size and strength of graphite electrode. This results in the processing of graphite workpiece easily broken, cutting tools easy to wear.