Instructions For The Use Of Graphite Electrodes

- Aug 07, 2018-

1, the wet graphite electrode, before use to dry.

2. Remove the foam protection cap on the reserve graphite electrode hole to check whether the thread in the electrode hole is complete.

3, the use of oil-free and water compressed air cleaning up the standby graphite electrode surface and hole in the thread, to avoid the use of steel wire regiment or metal brush cloth cleaning.

4, the joint carefully into the standby graphite electrode (not recommended to be directly installed in the furnace to replace the electrode) in the electrode hole, no collision thread.

5, the electrode spreader (the proposed use of graphite material) screw into the other end of the electrode hole.

6, lifting the electrode, cushion soft material to the standby electrode fitting at one end of the following, to prevent the ground damage to the joint, with the hook into the hanging rings after lifting, lifting the electrode to be smooth, to prevent the electrode from the B-terminal loose or with its other fixed device collision.

7. The standby electrode is suspended above the electrode to be connected, after aligning the electrode hole slowly falling down, rotating the standby electrode, so that the screw hook and the electrode rotation together to reduce the 10-20mm, the two electric extremes in the distance, again with compressed air to clean the electrode two end face and joint of the bare part of the electrode, in the final completely decentralized, not too fierce, Otherwise, due to violent collisions, the electrode holes and joints of the thread will be damaged. 

8, Torque wrench screw standby electrodes, until the end of the two electrodes close contact (electrode and joint of the correct connection is less than 0.05mm).