Development History Of Graphite Electrodes

- Aug 07, 2018-

It is reported that from the 90 's is located in Beijing early development, to lead the enterprise has been a professional development, production of graphite products enterprises. has advanced CNC production equipment and processing center, production technology Superb, detection means complete.

Since the early 90, due to excellent product performance, quality and stability, by domestic and foreign users alike. Products are: Graphite electrodes, industrial furnace high-temperature treatment of graphite products, diamond tools sintered graphite products, non-ferrous metal smelting graphite products, mechanical seals graphite products, electronic semiconductor industry graphite products, analytical instruments graphite electrodes, analysis of crucible products. Products are widely used in machinery, mold, textile, mechanical and electrical, diamond tools and other industries. In recent years, more and more products in the service of mining systems, diesel systems, railway systems and High-tech industries. Some of the technology has reached the leading domestic level.