Anti-oxidation Coated Graphite Electrodes

- Aug 07, 2018-

A graphite electrode coated with an antioxidant protective layer (graphite electrode antioxidant) on the surface. The formation of conductive and high-temperature oxidation of the protective layer, reduce the electrode consumption (19%~50%), prolong the service life of the electrode (22%~60%), reduce the electric energy consumption of electrodes.

The use of this technology can bring about such economic and social effects as: 

① Graphite Electrode unit Consumption is less, the production cost has a certain reduction. For example, a steelmaking plant, according to the annual production failure of the first-level LF refining furnace about 35 graphite electrodes per week, refining treatment 165 furnace consumption calculation, the use of graphite electrode antioxidant technology, the annual savings of 373 (153 tons) of electrodes, per ton of ultra-high power electrode of 16,900 yuan a year calculation, Can save 2.5857 million yuan.

② Graphite electrode can consume less power, save the electricity consumption of unit steelmaking, save production cost and energy saving.

③ because the graphite electrode exchange is less, the workers ' labor and risk coefficient are less, and the production efficiency is improved.

④ graphite electrodes are low consumption and lower pollution products, in energy conservation and emission reduction of environmental protection advocated today, has very important social significance. This technology is still in the domestic research and development stage, but also some domestic manufacturers also began production. In Japan and other developed countries have been more widely used. At present, there is also a special import of this antioxidant protective coating companies.