Wide use of graphite electrodes

- Aug 07, 2018-

(1) for arc steelmaking Furnace Graphite electrodes are mainly used in electric furnace steelmaking. Electric furnace steelmaking is the use of graphite electrodes to the furnace into the current, a strong current at the bottom of the electrode through the gas arc discharge, the use of heat generated by the arc to smelting. According to the size of electric furnace capacity, with different diameters of graphite electrodes, for the continuous use of electrodes, the electrodes are connected by the electrode threaded joints.

The graphite electrode used in steelmaking is about the 70~80% of the total dosage of graphite electrode.

(2) for mine thermoelectric furnace Graphite electrode furnace is mainly used for the production of Ferroalloy, pure silicon, yellow phosphorus, ice copper and calcium carbide, which is characterized by the lower part of the conductive electrode buried in the charge, so in addition to the electric plate and the charge between the arc to generate heat, the current through the burden of the electrical resistance also produces heat

Each ton of silicon consumes about 150kg of graphite electrode, and every ton of yellow phosphorus consumes about 40kg of graphite electrode.

(3) for resistance furnace Graphite furnace for the production of graphite products, melting glass furnace and the production of silicon carbide furnace, etc. are resistance furnace, the furnace is loaded with the material is a heating resistance, but also the object is heated.

In general, the conductive graphite electrode is inserted into the furnace end of the furnace head wall, so the conductive electrode is not continuously consumed. In addition, a large number of graphite electrode blanks are also used for processing into various crucible, graphite boat, hot-pressing mold and vacuum furnace heating body and other special-shaped products. such as in the quartz glass industry, each production of LT electric melting tube required graphite electrode blank 10t, each production of it quartz brick consumption electrode blanks 100kg.