Precautions for use of graphite electrodes

- Aug 07, 2018-

1. When choosing the diameter of graphite electrode, please refer to the allowable current load and current density of the electrode.

2. Graphite electrode transport, storage should avoid rain, snow, water wet, use before drying.

3. Graphite electrodes in the loading and unloading, transport, should be handled lightly, protect the thread, to prevent impact, breakage.

It is advisable to use special sling in the process of handling and hoisting.

4. Before connecting the new electrodes and connectors, it is necessary to use compressed air to absorb the thread holes of the electrodes and then install the connectors and electrodes as required.

When two electric extremes are 20-30mm, two times soot is blown, then the electrodes and joints are tightened.

5. If the iron joint lifting electrode, must ensure that the joint wire buckle does not deform, so as to avoid damage to the electrode thread.

6. When the electrode is connected, the motor is connected with the torque value specified by the Torque wrench.

7. The electrode lifting device of the electric stove should not shake to prevent the electrode joint from loosening or breaking.