Oxidation treatment process of graphite electrodes

- Aug 07, 2018-

Graphite electrode oxidation treatment process to be prepared, leaching solution preparation and heating, leaching pole treatment, such as a series of processes, graphite plate manufacturers for you to explain the details.

(1) Weighing: the graphite electrode weighing, to provide qualified to be processed materials;

(2) The preparation and heating of the extract: the components of the leaching liquid include industrial boric acid (h↓[3]bo↓[3]) 18-27%, industrial borax (na↓[2]b↓[4]o↓[7]) 7-15%, mixed with water and then heated;

(3) Immersion pole treatment: the prepared graphite electrode into a vacuum tank sealed, vacuum pump, the heated leaching liquid into the vacuum tank for immersion, in the process of leaching, the concentration of the dip is reduced to supplement;

(4) Two times weighing: After the immersion pole treatment, open the vacuum tank, remove the dipped graphite electrode, drain the leaching liquid, after the immersion of the electrode weight increased by more than 10%;

(5) Drying treatment: After the graphite electrode is dried, the moisture content of the electrode is not higher than 0.5%;

(6) Weighing three times: after drying again to the graphite electrode weighing, so that the weight of the increase in the amount of immersion before the weight of more than 3%;

(7) Finished product processing: The above treated graphite electrode can be processed into the standard shape according to the need. The treated graphite electrodes can be machined to a standard shape as required.