Main application fields of graphite products

- Aug 07, 2018-

1, chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnace, graphite furnace dedicated carbon chemical equipment, silicon carbide furnace, graphite furnace special fine structure graphite electrode and brick fine graphite brick used in silicon carbide furnace, graphite furnace and other metallurgical furnace to do lining and conductive materials, but also for chemical equipment, not permeable graphite heat exchanger, as well as graphite mold.

2, the electronic semiconductor industry carbon semiconductor graphite mold, fuel cell guide plate, graphite matrix, silicon carbide rod graphite pad, electron beam evaporation graphite liner, glass metal packaging graphite boat, electronic sintering die Graphite, ion implantation graphite components, single crystal furnace graphite heat field.

3, the mechanical industrial carbon specific products are: Graphite seal dynamic ring, sealed static ring, graphite bearings, lubrication column, graphite blades, impregnation of various metal or resin mechanical seal parts.

4, diamond tools Sintered mold Carbon Specific products are: Graphite combination mold, clay mold, oil drill with a diameter ring and nozzle rods.

5, non-ferrous metals smelting and processing carbon-graphite products specific products are: Graphite crucible, graphite boat, cast graphite mold, fused gold crucible, graphite shunt, graphite sleeve, graphite crystallizer, nozzle, welding metal cable with fused Guo, degassing agitator, rotor rod and impeller.

6, industrial furnace high-temperature treatment of carbon used in large-scale industrial furnaces or vacuum furnace in a variety of heating elements, heating room, furnace bed, heating pipe, stent, connecting plate, adjustment plate, connectors, conductive rod joints, heaters, heat insulation, trays, burning boxes, graphite plate.