Advantages of Graphite Electrodes

- Aug 07, 2018-

1, the increasingly complex mold geometry and product application diversification led to the spark machine discharge accuracy requirements are higher. The advantage of graphite electrode is that it is easy to process, the discharge processing rate is high, the graphite loss is small, therefore, some group of Spark machine customers give up the copper electrode and switch to graphite electrode.

In addition, some special shape of the electrodes can not be made of copper, but graphite is easier to form, and copper electrode is heavier, not suitable for processing large electrodes, these factors are caused by a group of spark machine customers use graphite electrodes.

2, graphite electrode is easier to process, and processing speed is significantly faster than the copper electrode. For example, the use of milling process graphite processing, its processing speed than other metal processing fast 2~3 times and no need for additional manual treatment, and copper electrodes need to hand down the mill.

Similarly, if high speed graphite machining center graphite electrodes are used The electrodes are made faster and more efficient and do not produce dust problems. In these processes, the selection of the appropriate hardness of tools and graphite can reduce the grinding loss of the tool and copper damage. If the specific comparison between graphite electrode and copper electrode milling time, graphite than copper electrode fast 67%, in general discharge processing, the use of graphite electrode processing than the use of copper electrodes faster than 58%. As a result, processing time is greatly reduced and manufacturing costs are reduced.