High Carbon Electrode

High Carbon Electrode

Graphite electrode is high carbon electrode.We also provide various types of graphite products for the chemical, automotive, petroleum, electronics, semiconductor, steel, powder metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, rare metals, aerospace, scientific experiments and other industries. China factoty, low price graphite electrode.
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Graphite electrode is also called carbon electrode, carbon content is more than 99%, carbon content is very high. Graphite electrode have very strong hardness as it has very high carbon content.


Please check the following advantages of our graphite electrode :

1. it have High purity and high density, strong chemical stability 

2. it can work long time,low consumption,surface we all treated with anti-oxidation, long service life.

3. We export to many countries,our quality is good,and we want get long cooperation with you.

4. we are graphite electrode manufacturers,we have complete produce line,there is no any middle distributors and dealers,we can give very reasonable price for you.

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