RP Grade Graphite Electrodes

RP Grade Graphite Electrodes

Graphite electrode usually divided in RP,HP,UHP grade, RP grade graphite electrodes is Basic level,graphite electrode is an important product in the market of graphite electrodes, most of the small-scale steel-making enterprises in the market use RP graphite electrodes .we are Large graphite electrode manufacturers, quality is reliable. RP graphite electrode have all size in stock .welcome to the factory inspection.
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The main role of the graphite electrode is to make the electrodes conductive during the smelting of metal in the electric arc furnace. Due to the increasing proportion of steels smelted by electric arc furnaces worldwide, the use of electric arc furnaces to smelt steel plates and other secondary steels for smelting are major items for the consumption of graphite electrodes.


In addition, graphite electrodes are also used in smelting furnaces for the melting of non-ferrous metals, ceramic products, and even waste recycling industries.

Please check below technical specification for RP graphite electrodes: