Regular Power Graphite Electrodes

Regular Power Graphite Electrodes

We are regular power graphite electrodes manufacturer. Regular power graphite electrodes is RP grade graphite electrode.for regular power graphite electrodes,we have DIA 75mm to 700mm,length usually 1800mm and 2100mm(we also can cut length according to your requirement.)
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As Chinese Graphite electrodes manufacturer, we have complete production lines, which include raw material mixing, forming line, baking line, impregnation equipment, graphitization line, machining and shaping line.we sale from manufacturer,and we also have much stock,especially for regular power graphite electrodes,we can give low price for sale and also keep quality good.


Graphite electrodes, widely used in electric arc furnace steel production and other smelting processes. regular power graphite electrodes mostly use in Refining furnace/ladle furnace and other smelting processes.Please check below technical specification for regular power graphite electrodes: