Graphite Electrode with Nipple

Graphite Electrode with Nipple

Graphite electrode with nipple,usually we sale graphite electrode preset nipple,one electrode preseet with one nipple. Graphite electrode nipples is a graphite electrode accessory, used with graphite electrode. Nipple needs to be screwed into the electrode and must be tightened it with appropriate torque.
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Graphite electrode nipple connect two electrodes when used in a furnace,to achieve continuous use. In electric arc steel making, as the discharge power and electrode diameter increase, the current intensity and heat increase. That is why now the requirements for electrode connection are turn more stringent.


To achieve the ideal electrode connection, we need improve the machine quality for nipples and nipples holes, and improving the nipple material, also need appropriate tightening torque, appropriate pre-tightening force. If the pre-tightening force is too large, it will be easy to break off during operation,and if the pre-tightening force is too small, it will cause that the electrode fall off during operation.