Ladle Furnace Graphite Electrode

Ladle Furnace Graphite Electrode

Ladle furnace graphite electrode means the electrode which can use in ladle furnace, in ladle furnace, the technical requirement is not high as electric arc furnace. In steel factory, they usually have 2 kinds of furnace, EAF and LF, EAF is electric arc furnace, LF is ladle furnace.
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Usually there are 2 kinds of furnace in steel factory,electric arc furnace and ladle furnace, most customer use high density electrode in EAF, and for ladle furnace, they can use some electrode which density is lower than EAF electrode, but certainly they also can use high density electrode in ladle furnace.


Each steel mill and each electric furnace have different requirement for the specifications and lengths of the graphite electrodes. We have much stock for 1800mm and 2100mm length graphite electrode, and we also can cut to any length as customer requirement, we can totally satisfy customer. 2100mm length is one of the standard length,many customer buy this length.

We are manufacturer, we can control and inspect our quality and give low price.