HP Grade Graphite Electrodes

HP Grade Graphite Electrodes

HP grade graphite electrodes Advantage :1 High-purity, high-density, strong chemical stability 2 Surface can do anti-oxidation treatment, then can have long service life. 3 High-power graphite electrode have good Conductive heat conduction and thermal shock resistant.
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As Chinese Graphite electrodes manufacturer, we have complete production lines, which include raw material mixing, forming line, baking line, impregnation equipment, graphitization line, machining and shaping line.


According to the electric power level difference in electric furnace, and also according to the different raw materials used in the production electrode, the graphite electrode is divided into three types accordingly:RP, HP, UHP grade graphite electrode. HP grade graphite electrodes is the middle grade in these 3 grade.

Please check below our HP grade graphite electrodes technical parameters: