High Power Graphite Electrodes

High Power Graphite Electrodes

Our graphite electrode divide in 3 grade, RP, HP,UHP grade. HP grade is high power graphite electrodes, quality is better than RP grade, density is higher than RP grade, and resistance is lower than RP grade. High power graphite electrodes belong to middle grade for these 3 grade.

Product Details

High power graphite electrodes is middle grade in all three grade(RP, HP, UHP), and it have High cost performance.


The electric arc furnaces of China's steel industry turn to large-scale, It has become a trend and characterized by large output power, stable power factor, and power transmission for long-arc operation and development toward power-saving and consumption reduction. Therefore, the new large electric furnace has changed greatly compared with the conventional electric arc furnace. Modern electric furnace technology is very concerned about the energy problem of electric furnace. With the implementation of hot charging technology, the smelting time is obviously shortened, power consumption and electrode consumption. Significant decline.

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