Low Sulfur Graphite Powder

Low Sulfur Graphite Powder

If you want low sulfur graphite powder, please contact us,our graphite powder will satisfied you. We can screen any size as your request. There is no any middle dealers, if you are end user, it will be much better, we would like to give cheap and reasonable price.
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We are Chinese graphite electrode and graphite powder manufacturer,supply low sulfur Graphite powder, low sulfur means low sulfur content MAX 0.05%, high carbon content MIN 98.5%, high purity graphite powder is high quality level, but we can give cheap price, discount price,as we are manufacturer, our low sulfur Graphite particles divided when machining graphite electrode.


Graphite powder is often used as a lubricant in the machine industry. Usually customer will ask for different size, we are Chinese manufacturer,our Graphite powder come from the graphite electrode, high carbon content. We can screen to any size customer request. Welcome to inquiry and talk about cooperation.