Low Sulfur Graphite Granule

Low Sulfur Graphite Granule

We produce good quality graphite granule, high carbon, low sulfur, carbon content min98.5%, sulfur content max 0.05%. Graphite granule can be used as refractory material in metallurgical industry, graphite granule also can be conductive materials in the electrical industry.
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Our graphite granule is low sulfur high carbon graphite granule.


They mainly come from the granule and scraps when machine graphite electrode. Due to the graphite granule characteristics of conductive, thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, low ash content, high carbon content,low sulfur and good chemical stability, graphite granule is widely used as a carbon carburizing agent in steel making furnace, reducing agent in chemical industry, and one of the important raw materials for the production of carbon blocks for aluminum. Welcome to inquiry and hope we can get cooperation,we would like to give our best price!