High Purity Graphite Particles

High Purity Graphite Particles

We are chinese manufacturer, we sale high purity Graphite particles, we can give low price and keep cargo in good quality. Our Graphite particles are high purity, high carbon content MIN 98.5%, and low sulfur MAX 0.05%. We can give cheaper price with very high quality.
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We are Chinese graphite electrode and graphite particles manufacturer, supply high purity Graphite particles, high purity means high carbon content MIN 98.5%, low sulfur MAX 0.05%, high purity graphite particles is high quality level, but we can give cheap price, discount price, as we are manufacturer, our high purity Graphite particles divided when machining graphite electrode. 


We have good credit in china,for high purity Graphite particles,many customer buy from us,sometimes we are in out stock situation, We do strict inspection to make sure that our cargo is good quality, and we would like to quote you our best price. Please contact us, inquiry us, welcome to visit and come to china, we wish to have long time business with you.