High Purity Graphite Granule

High Purity Graphite Granule

We are chinese manufacturer to produce high purity graphite granule, high purity and high carbon graphite granule, it is good quality, carbon content is min 98.5%, very high purity graphite granule, it can use to be recarburizer and lubricant in Metallurgical industry.
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Graphite granule belong to Graphite particles, also known as graphite columns, can also be called small-sized graphite rods, graphite grain, etc., because of the different industries they use, their names are different, but their products are the same.


Graphite particles are mainly derived from the scrap generated during the machining of graphite electrodes and the waste generated in the graphitization process. Our graphite granule is high purity graphite granule, mainly derived during the machining of graphite electrodes, then we screen them to the size which customer request. Welcome to inquiry and talk about cooperation.